Register for our service

You can register with our agency online or by mail. If you would like to register online, please do so here. If you are planning on registering to post a regular job for the fall, understand that our deadline was September 8th, and we are not posting any more regular jobs. You can still post sporadic (specific date/time) jobs for immediate needs, as there is no deadline for that type of job. When registering online, please note that we DO NOT accept American Express at this time.

You can also register by mail or fax. If this is your first time registering with our agency, you must submit:
1) A client contract.
2) A pediatrician release form. The pediatrician’s release form must be signed by your doctor. You can substitute this form with copies of birth certificates or immunization records
3) Your $30 annual registration fee in cash or check, made out to Barnard Babysitting Agency.

Please send these forms, along with your job listings to:

Barnard Babysitting Agency
c/o Office of Career Development
3009 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

If you are a returning client, you do not need to submit the pediatrician’s release form.