Job Posting

Once we receive a job request, we approve the posting as either a regular or sporadic job. Basic information about the job is made available to our sitters through the password-protected, sitter portion of our website. Sitters can only see limited job information online (date, day and time of the job, neighborhood and basic description). No personal or contact information is available online.

When a sitter is interested in a listing, she must come into our office and present her Barnard ID to receive the full job listing with contact information. Then, the sitter will be able to contact you directly.

One time jobs, with a specific date and time. A good way for sitters and parents to meet, after which parents often call sitters directly with subsequent babysitting opportunities.
Example: Thursday, Sept 12th from 6-11:30pm

Jobs with flexible hours; students plan the hours that they can babysit around their class schedules.
Example: up to 10 hrs per week, daytimes and maybe one evening.
Example: a few nights a month. When are you free?

Jobs with specific days (as well as fairly specific times).
Example: Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7-10pm.

These jobs are for the weekend.
Example: every other Saturday night.
Example: Saturday or Sunday from noon-4pm.