***ATTENTION: We are no longer approving client registrations the summer. We will resume accepting client registrations at the start of the fall 2017 semester. Thank you for your patience. Additionally, please note that the deadline for regular summer jobs was May 22nd and we are no longer approving regular jobs for the summer.***

Welcome to the Barnard Babysitting Agency’s online registration system!

Before you begin the following process, make sure you have:

1. your pediatrician’s name and phone number

2. FIRST-TIME CLIENTS: the pediatrician’s release form, signed by your pediatrician, or copies of your children’s birth certificates or immunization records. Any/all of these forms must be completed and uploaded into a single electronic file on your computer. You will be asked to attach it to your registration.

RENEWING CLIENTS: the pediatrician’s release form waiver, provided by The Barnard Babysitting Agency. You will be asked to attach this document to your registration.

3. Your credit card, in order to pay the annual $30 registration fee. Unfortunately, we cannot accept American Express cards at this time.

If you have any questions or concerns about these items, please call us at 212-854-2035 before you begin the registration process.


Kiley Cappetta

Begin Parent Registration