BARNARD BABYSITTING AGENCY Policy and Contract for Clients

The Barnard College Babysitting Agency is operated by and for students at Barnard College. Access to job listings is limited to currently enrolled Barnard students who have registered with the service.

Babysitters Responsibilities:

It is the babysitter’s responsibility to notify the agency when accepting a job. If the babysitter fails to report to any confirmed jobs, she will face disciplinary measures, which may include suspension from the Agency.

If the babysitter becomes ill or if an emergency arises, she must contact the Client immediately. If the Client wishes, the sitter can call the Agency and re-post the job, or refer other Barnard babysitters as a replacement. Under no circumstances is a babysitter to pass on a job without the consent of the Client. Babysitters who do not give the Client at least 24 hours notice prior to canceling a job will be suspended.

Students may not bring children into Barnard dorms under any circumstances.

Babysitters may not bring guests with them to babysitting jobs.

Clients Rights and Responsibilities:

We strongly urge the Client to interview babysitters and check references before hiring. A trial period is also encouraged before confirming a regular job.

It is the Client’s responsibility to contact the Agency to post jobs. Any regular basis jobs that are posted by the Client will be removed at the end of each semester. It is the responsibility of the client to notify the Agency if s/he would like the job re-posted for the next semester.

All job cancellations must be reported by the Client to the babysitter with as much notice as possible. If the client is unable to contact the sitter within 24 hours, s/he must reimburse the babysitter for a minimum of two hours at the wage specified by the Client on her/his job listing.

The Barnard Babysitting Agency minimum rate is $10/hr. Even if the job is less than 2-hours, a 2-hour minimum payment at the posted wage is required. The average wage posted is $15/hr. Clients are committed to the rate they choose to post on their job listing. Clients are expected to pay their sitter after each babysitting job performed, unless otherwise negotiated.

The primary responsibility of our babysitters is childcare, and no housework may be required of them beyond cleaning up after themselves and the children.

Clients living south of 110th Street, north of 125th Street and/or east of Morningside Drive requesting personal interviews are required to pay the sitter subway or bus transportation costs.

Parents are required to pay cab fare back to campus for the sitter after 9pm.

It is the responsibility of the Client to provide the babysitter with food or money for food if she is working during mealtime. Designated mealtimes are approximately 8–10 a.m., 11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m., and 5:30–8 p.m.

It is the responsibility of the Client to inform the Agency and the babysitter as to whether or not they have pets, as some sitters may be allergic to or uncomfortable with certain pets.

Barnard Babysitting Agency reserves the right to remove clients from our service if, in our sole discretion, removal is in the best interests of the babysitter or the Babysitting Agency.


The Barnard Babysitting Agency acts only as a clearinghouse for the convenience of babysitters and clients. There is a $30 annual registration fee to join the Agency. This fee covers administrative expenses and is non-refundable under any circumstances. The payment of the annual registration fee does not guarantee that jobs posted by the Client will be filled. The Agency does not screen babysitters; it only guarantees that they are currently registered Barnard students.

Babysitters are employed solely by the Client and are not employees of the College. Barnard College makes no representations to babysitters or clients concerning the nature of the service provided. The Client and sitter acknowledge that Barnard College is not responsible for, and will be held harmless against, any injury, loss, or other damage arising from or related in any manner to the Client or babysitter’s use of the Barnard College Babysitting Agency.

For tax benefits or withholding obligations please consult the Internal Revenue Service website at or Publication 926, Household Employer’s Tax Guide for further details.