Summer Jobs

Summer jobs are posted the same way jobs during the year are posted. All summer jobs need to be posted by May 22nd. We will not accept any regular basis jobs after our final deadline.

There are no deadlines for sporadic jobs.

During the summer there are sitters available who are staying on campus for the summer or who live in the city. Though the pool of sitters is smaller during the summer than during the school year, they are available to work more hours.

Common summer jobs include:

Weekdays: Regular jobs for anytime Monday through Friday.

Weekends: Regular jobs for Saturday and Sunday.

Outside of New York: Any regular jobs that are outside of New York City. This includes jobs in neighboring areas, like the Hamptons, as well as any vacation destinations.

Sporadic: One time jobs, with a specific date and time. A good way for sitters and parents to meet, after which parents often call sitters directly with subsequent babysitting opportunities.