Meet the Staff


Natalia Carrero

Natalia is a Bronx, New York native. Currently in her senior year at Barnard, she’s majoring in Psychology and minoring in Early Childhood Education. She loves to work with kids and plans on becoming an elementary school teacher. When she isn’t answering the phone at the BBA desk, Natalia can be found singing a cappella with Notes and Keys, cooking, watching Netflix, or napping. Her favorite parts of working at the BBA are keeping the work environment organized and helping connect sitters with parents to accommodate everyone as efficiently as possible.

Assistant Manager:

Anette Innabi


Nehad Abdelgadir

Nehad was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. As a rising junior at Barnard, she aspires to be a Civil Engineer. Her favorite part about working in the BBA office is meeting the extraordinary student body affiliated with the agency. While away from the BBA office, Nehad enjoys all things beauty. She could spend all day watching YouTube tutorials, shopping at Sephora, and give makeovers. In the fall, she will assume her position as the president of Skip Stop, a commuter organization on campus, to provide a sisterhood among the commuter students.

Gaby Giraldo

Annabell Asare

Manager Emeritus:

Kelsey Hand

Kelsey is a recent Barnard alum from rural Pennsylvania who majored in Sociology. While at Barnard, she divided her time between the babysitting agency where she worked for three years and an internship at an asset management firm where she worked for nearly two years. Kelsey loves cats, scary movies, denim shirts, and customer service. Her favorite parts about working at the BBA were making clients happy, her irreplaceable team, and the luxurious bathrooms that are always well-stocked with bobby pins.

Madeline Taylor

Madeline is a recent Barnard alum who majored in English and minored in Environmental Science. When she wasn’t answering emails for the babysitting agency, she was working on stage management for on-campus theater productions or rushing to a babysitting job. Madeline is passionate about education, working with kids, organization, and prompt email replies. Her favorite parts of working at the BBA included brainstorming new ways to make the service more effective and implementing those ideas with the phenomenal babysitting staff.

Kiley Cappetta

Kiley is a recent Barnard alum from Connecticut who majored in Psychology. She spent a good portion of her time behind a desk – either in class, at the library, or at the babysitting agency. Kiley enjoys reading, watching Netflix, and hanging out with fun kids. Her favorite parts of working at the BBA were connecting sitters with parents and making everyone happy!