Welcome Barnard Students!

Interested in becoming a babysitter with the Barnard Babysitting Agency?
In order to become a Barnard Babysitter, you must:

1) Be a currently registered Barnard student.

2) Attend an orientation.

Orientations last approximately 30-45 minutes. Please RSVP via email. We only have room for 20 students at each orientation. Please come on time and bring $20 (cash only, exact change please) and your Barnard ID! As a Barnard Babysitter, you will earn a minimum of $20 by working a single babysitting job. Please see below for a list of upcoming sessions.

Upcoming Orientations:

If you would like to become a Barnard babysitter, please attend one of the following orientation sessions. Each session lasts approximately 30-45 minutes. Please remember to bring $20 exact change, a pen, and your Barnard ID. We will update the locations by tomorrow evening.


Wednesday, February 1st at 6pm Milbank 214

Current Sitters: We are thrilled to introduce you to our new online job system! If you’d like to look for a regular or sporadic job, just click on the appropriate link on the left sidebar. You will need to log-in with your full Barnard email address (include the @barnard.edu) and enter your password.

If you haven’t set up a password yet, please do so below. Please allow 48 hours for password processing. We are manually entering these passwords, so they will only be processed during our office hours. Please be patient, and do not submit multiple times if your password doesn’t work immediately.

DO NOT set-up a password if you have not attended an orientation. You will set-up your password at your orientation. See dates above.

DO NOT set-up a password if you attended an orientation within the past two business days. It takes us a while to process your contracts! You set-up your password at your orientation, so you do not need to do it again.

DO NOT set-up a password if you did not pay your $20 at your orientation. You must come in to our office to pay your registration fee before you can access the jobs.

Sitter Password Set-Up
  •   Yes
      No - do not submit this form! You must attend an orientation. We will delete your password submission form, without response.


The job information available online is limited. You will be able to see general information about available jobs (days/times, neighborhood, number of children, and description) and decide which jobs interest you. You can then write down the job numbers of the jobs you want. Then, come in to our office, present your ID to our receptionist, and give her the job numbers of the jobs you want. She will send the job listings to you, which will give you the parents’ contact information and allow you to proceed in inquiring about that job as usual.

Please email bbsitter@barnard.edu with any questions you may have about our online job system!

**REMINDER**: New and returning sitters are required to confirm the babysitting jobs that they’ve filled. This confirmation process notifies BBA staff to eliminate the job from our database- if jobs are not confirmed, they will remain on the Sitter Database and will thus appear to be unfilled, leading to both sitter and parent frustration. If a job is not confirmed by a sitter, she will be contacted by a BBA manager and required to pay a $10 fine. If she does not confirm any subsequent babysitting jobs taken, she will be suspended from the agency for an amount of time that is to be determined. Sitters: Please confirm your jobs! Remember, the process is easy – just fill out the job confirmation form that can be located from the front page of this website. Sitters are also welcome to confirm their jobs by informing a member of the BBA staff in person, through email, or by phone. Thank you for your cooperation.